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About Life Solutions

Did you know that Life Solutions provides enough food for about 3,000 meals every month?

The primary goal of Life Solutions is to respond to our neighbors needing food assistance. Most of the Food Pantry's supply comes from financial contributions, donations of goods that are then sold in the Treasure Store, as well as grants from Foodlink and other agencies.

Additional food and funding comes from local farmers and service organizations. Among them are the Scouts, Hamlin Lions, Hamlin Seniors, Hamlin Community Group, Veterans of Foreign Wars, local fire departments, and others.

The Treasure Store helps fund the food pantry and provide low-cost goods to the community.  One of the most popular ways to get involved is to donate what you already have. Donated household goods are processed by volunteers and sold in our treasure store.


Life Solutions Food Pantry (originally called 'Bread and Thread') began in 1982 through the efforts of the Catholic Church. Over the years, other local churches joined the effort. They presented a coordinated effort to meet community needs and operate as a non-discriminating provider that maintains a Christian perspective.

In 2002, Life Solutions became incorporated and is now known as Life Solutions of Hamlin, Inc. We are a New York State registered charity and Federally registered tax exempt 501(c)(3) organization.

In 2010, several successful fundraisers allowed us to purchase and renovate our current facilities at 1696 Lake Road.

2011 saw the opening of the Treasure Store as a way to help fund the food pantry and provide low-cost goods to the community.


In 2019 additional funds were raised to allow for an addition to the Lake Road location.


Food Pantry


Our food pantry provides emergency food services for those in need. Our service area includes:

  • Ridge Road North to Lake Ontario

  • Sweden Walker Road West to Redman Road

Call (585) 964-7420 to schedule an appointment. 


We take food donations at our Lake Road location, as well as the Hamlin library and post office.


We also take donations of household goods to be sold at our treasure store on Thursdays and Saturdays from 10 am to 3 pm.  Please do not leave donations outside of the building.  See our Donation Requirements Here. Call or text (585) 204-2130 with questions about your donations.


Financial contributions can be made via PayPal or mail. Learn more about contributing here.

Proud to Partner with


Foodlink Headquarters

1999 Mt. Read Blvd

Rochester, NY 14615

(585) 328-3380


The Salvation Army of Greater Rochester

PO Box 41210

70 Liberty Pole Way

Rochester, New York 14604

(585) 987-9500

Want to give back?

There's lots of ways to help. See what you can do to help the community today.

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