We offer a food assistance program year round, plus a variety of seasonal programs aimed at helping out when it's needed most.


Food Pantry


Our food pantry provides emergency food services for those in need. Our service area includes:

  • Ridge Road North to Lake Ontario

  • Sweden Walker Road West to Redman Road

Call (585) 964-7420 to schedule an appointment.


Seasonal Programs

If you'd like to contribute to one of these programs, please call us at (585) 204-6730.

Easter Program

We provide food to all of our clients for a special Easter meal.

Backpack Program

We provide fully stocked backpacks for children who have received our services in the past year.  We coordinate this work with the school district to make sure any child in need is assisted.

Thanksgiving Program

We distribute food to all of our clients for a special thanksgiving meal.

Holiday Bazaar

In the first week of December we host a holiday bazaar providing reduced cost items to be purchased by children and family members. The majority of the items are donations received throughout the year.  

This year, we will be selling many of the normal bazaar items in the Treasure Store. Look for the new Children's Santa Shop in the corner of the new addition. The Children's Santa Shop will begin on the last Saturday in November and be open Saturdays through December.


Angel Tree Program

We coordinate and manage the gathering of gifts for children under the age of 17 who have recently received our services.

Christmas Program

We distribute food to all of our clients for a special Christmas meal.

Want to give back?

There are many ways to help. See what you can do to help the community today.